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What Parents are Saying

Natasha Tellechea-Varrichio

Both my kids see Dr. Sharon and look forward to it every time! My daughter and I see Dr. Kerri for braces and she is the best too. Great office, great front staff , just a wonderful experience every time we go.

Lisa in Jericho, NY

Mother of Taylor (9) and Ethan (7)

We love Dr. Kosinski. My children have been seeing him since they were 3. Taylor never had an issue with going to the dentist — she has gone for check-ups and cleanings with no problem. Ethan is another story. He has had a hard time going from the beginning. But Dr. Kosinski explains what he’s going to do and why he needs to do it, and he is always very gentle.

Dr. Kosinski is also quick, which is very important! I also really appreciate the way he is with me and other parents — very straightforward and easy to talk to.

Nicholas Gravina

Hands down The Best on Long Island. My nieces came from Bergen County NJ just for Dr. Greene bevause her and the staff made going to the dentist an enjoyable experience.

Lisa in Merrick, NY

Mother of Danny (9) and Matthew (9)
“Our twins started seeing Dr. Kosinski when they were 3. We were having some problems with Danny’s teeth, and I remember someone my husband worked with recommended him. We got opinions from several dentists, but we and the boys were most comfortable with ‘Dr. Ron,’ as the boys call him — both with his treatment plan and with him.

When Danny had the treatment, of course he was frightened, but Dr. Kosinski was very patient and let my husband sit in the chair with Danny to calm him down. Alter the treatment was finished, Danny had a beautiful smile!

Matthew did not have as much work done that first visit, and he was never even scared at all. Both boys have been seeing Dr. Kosinski every sixth months ever since, because he really built the foundation for a long-term relationship. Danny and Matthew have no qualms now about going to the dentist. We’ve recommended Dr. Kosinski to six or seven other families. He’s like part of our family!”

Evelyn Lopez

Great dentist, great orthodontic, great staff! They’re great handing children with autism. Very patient and caring. Beautiful and friendly atmosphere.

Ashley Fishbein

I went to Dr. Sharon Essner my whole childhood and cannot say enough wonderful things! The atmosphere is great and her work is super gentle. I was too old to have my braces at smile station, but Dr. Greene is wonderful as well. I recommend l anyone with young children for a 1 stop shop for dental and orthodontics!

Ned Newhouse

We love the Smile Station! It’s where our two children have had all their orthodontics and dentistry performed. Both were born with not perfect teeth, but now they do!

Kathi in Glen Head, NY

Mother of Nicole (11) and Alexa (9)
“I can’t believe it, but my kids love going to the dentist! They look forward to their appointments and love ‘Dr. Sharon.’ Both of my girls are comfortable with her, which makes my life easier as a mom dealing with cavities, teeth to be pulled and braces.

I find it very easy to talk to Dr. Essner about their treatment: she’s really up on what’s going on as a dentist. She picks up on things. For example, Dr. Essner recommended that Nicole see an orthodontist when she was just 9, which seemed very young. But she was right — Nicole needed braces very early.

My daughter Alexa needed some extensive dental work when she was not yet even 2 — she was just a baby, and we had no idea what to expect. Both Dr. Essner and Alexa handled it very well.”

Sue Schaub Scully

Very professional highly recommend fun group of people to look forward to seeing every month. Myself and both my boys were patients.

Anna in Plainview, NY

Mother of Jamie (12) and Mikey (5)
“My daughter Jamie has been seeing Dr. Essner for 10 years! Jamie loves going to see her. We have always found Dr. Essner to be warm, friendly, gentle, thorough and quick, which is very important with children.

My son Mikey has special needs, and it takes a special person to handle him, because he is easily frightened and has difficulty understanding what is going to happen. He may cry, but it’s amazing — the job gets done, and Dr. Essner tells him what a great job he did and what fabulous teeth he has. Mikey always leaves with a smile and a hug. He says, ‘Thank you!’ and tells Dr. Essner he loves her.

As a person who needed a lot of dental care, I grew up with the imprint of the arms of the dental chair on my hands: I didn’t want that for my kids. Going to see Dr. Essner is always an overwhelmingly positive experience.

Dr. Essner always makes everything fun — she makes it a game. It seems like she spends every waking hour coming up with new ideas to make children feel comfortable in that chair so she can do what she needs to do.

We really love Dr. Essner’s new office. The moment you open the door, Mikey’s appearance changes, because he remembers it and it has a calming effect on him. And the entire staff is just so nice!”

Andrea in Dix Hills, NY

Mother of Marissa (15), Shanna (12) and Jared (9)
“None of my children have ever been to another dentist besides Dr. Kosinski. They are all very, very comfortable with him and wouldn’t go to anyone else.

Marissa is a teenager now, and her needs as a patient have changed. Dr. Kosinski really listens to her, takes her seriously and understands her need to look her best. She has just completed orthodontic treatment, and when she had questions he took the time to hear what she was saying and reassure her.

Shanna is my toughest patient — she has always been the most scared of going for treatment. But Dr. Kosinski is always soothing and calming and his staff is also really nice, so this makes it easier for Shanna. I also always appreciate the personal attention we get from the staff.

My son Jared absolutely loves going to see ‘Dr. Ron’ — his favorite day is when he has a dental appointment. Jared has had problems with his teeth since his baby teeth came in, so he has spent a lot of time in Dr. Kosinski’s chair. And Dr. Kosinski has had a real impact on Jared too — between loving his visits to Dr. Ron’s office and spending time with a favorite uncle who is a dentist, Jared tells me he wants to be a dentist when he grows up.”

Elizabeth in Glen Head, NY

Mother of Joseph (8), Anna (6) and Mark (4)

“My children started seeing Dr. Essner about 2½ years ago, first Joseph, then Anna. Mark first went when he was three.

Joseph had already had a very traumatic first experience at a dental office before we found Dr. Essner. Joseph has a good memory, and I knew he would always remember that, so I started looking for another dentist. Two people recommended Dr. Essner, and she was great! She made Joseph feel comfortable, talked about everything she was going to do. She really took the time to get to know his personality — when Joseph gets nervous, he talks a lot. But he always does just fine with Dr. Essner. I really like the fact that she takes a personal interest in each child — my other children react differently, and she got to know them all.

I remember one specific time when Mark needed a cap on one of his teeth. Mark did fine throughout the procedure, and then Dr. Essner carried him out to me in the waiting room in her arms, just like one of her own children. I will never forget that.”

Jeannette in Levittown, NY

Mother of Katie (16) and Allison (12)
“My daughters have been seeing Dr. Essner since they were 4 and 3 years old. Both have always loved her and thought going to the dentist was great. They used to ask, ‘When are we going back?’ They would leave with a bag of goodies.

My experiences with the dentist were not really negative, but they were always down-to- business. I thought a pediatric dentist would be a more positive experience for my children. Our pediatrician actually recommended Dr. Essner. The first time I went with Katie, she needed work done and I was scared. She did fine, and that was the last procedure she ever needed!

Dr. Essner’s staff is always so nice, and the new office is a scenic wonder!”