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Your Child's Dental Health

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About Teeth

During your lifetime, you will grow two sets of teeth: primary and secondary. Both of sets of teeth appear at different stages in life. Here at The Smile Station we take pride in helping patients in the Nassau County area and being well equipped to take care of all of your child’s dental needs.

Primary, or baby teeth, appear between 6 to 8 months of age and all 20 teeth should be in place by age 3. Though these teeth will gradually fall out as new permanent teeth grow in, it is still very important to establish good oral hygiene as well as engage in early dental care and prevention for your child.

Early Dental Care

Secondary (permanent) teeth will begin to grow around age 6, including:

  • Incisors: front teeth
  • Canines: sharp “fang like” teeth
  • Pre-molars/bicuspids: next to canine teeth
  • Molars: teeth located in the back of the mouth

The next permanent teeth to grow are called 12-year molars, which are typically the last to arrive, bringing the average total of permanent teeth to 32. Though there may be no more room, many people will still grow wisdom teeth, which typically begin to break through from age 17 on. Many people will have to have their wisdom teeth removed due to lack of space.

Your permanent teeth are the ones you keep for life. It is very important that good brushing and flossing techniques are used regularly, and that you schedule periodic check-ups with our office.